Incubator for Web3

The Era of Web3 is

The "old world" of Web2.0 is being reassembled in a new way, so everyone can make changes equally
— it's a new era that belongs to everyone.

Incubator for  Web3

The boom of DeFi and NFT is just the beginning of massive Web3 innovations. The big bang of Web3 is coming soon.

We believe in the near future, countless start-up teams will be born with their phenomenal creations. However, a journey of pursuing dreams will never be easy, obstacles and problems always come up with new opportunities.

At the dawn of Web3, there should be an incubator tailored to Web3 that helps pioneers deal with token economy solutions, technology innovating, community operating and more. The concept is similar to how Y-Combinator emerged in the early 21st century. 

DAOSquare is going to be the Y-Combinator in the era of Web3.


Incubator is a resource network that benefits the majority instead of only serving the elites. This is the spirit of “The DAO”, the spirit which DAO brought to us, and the energy MetaCartel is expressing. Today, we are running our incubator by following the path of DAO.


We believe that hackers’ purpose is not earning rewards but making products successful. That’s why we intend to help these innovators through hackathons . We discover awesome projects via HackDAO, and make them legendary.

HunFan Lab

Web3 is an era of collective intelligence. We are gathering top-tier experts and geniuses all over the world to join our HunFan Lab. With these incredible talents, we can help our innovators achieve remarkable success.

About  DAOSquare

DAOSquare is the most influencial DAO in the east, it was born from MetaCartel, the famous Ethereum community.



Summoner of DAOSquare. Member of MetaCartel, MolochDAO, HausDAO... musician & filmmaker.

William Pucs
William Pucs
Cacique - Product

Core member of DAOSquare. William is a senior producer and designer with multiple famous products including games, blockchain community platform and internet utilities.

Our Allies


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