About DAOSquare

DAOSquare is born in the MetaCartel community. We are taking MetaCartel’s spiritual culture to East, expand this amazing universe and create a great community in East. We believe in the future of community-driven organizations especially when it meets crypto.


DAOSquare is a real crypto community, we are helping more people to understand and join crypto space, and creat personal value and social value together.

For-profit DAO

We are realizing DAOs’s commercialize. Let more people see the feasibility of DAO, and promote mass adoption in DAO.


We are helping more people use DAO/community-driven organizations to launch their brands, businesses, and any valuable things, and support their growth.

DAOSquare Community DAO

DAOSquare Community DAO (DCD) is the core driver for the development of DAOSquare, but it is decentralized and open, everyone has the right to join and become the head. You can check the detailed introduction in our BLOG. There are six roles in DCD:



Tima is the incarnation of deity, a fusion of history and the future.

He/she can tell you any historical experience, knowledge, and everything about the future. He/she is the spiritual leader of DAOSquare.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is the warriors of DAO. They work in their respective territories and fight for DAO through their efforts.

Of course, they often join DAO's round tables to discuss DAO's future with other roles.

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Ninja rarely shows up, you can't feel him/her, but he/she is likely to be behind you...

Once ninja shows up, there is bound to be something important or tricky. Only he/she can handle it. Of course, he/she can handle everything.

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Walker allways "walking". They link each role of the DAO and weave them into a strong and powerful net.

And, even the most secretive ninjas, walkers can find them at any time.

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At every step forward, the guardian is never absent. Guardian provides solid support for DAO by financial capital and social capital.

On the other hand, DAO also bring rich harvest to the guardians.

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Summoner is the wisher of DAO. He planted a seed and helped it thrive. This seed is DAO.

Summoner builds DAO's original vision, mission, and values, and summons like-minded people. Summoner will never compromise until he dies.

DAOSquare ecosystem & family

There are some projects that we are incubating (ecosystem), and those families who have been helping us.

"If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together"